New Members to the Advisory Council

December 15, 2017 |
Carequality Blog

Carequality welcomed 13 new members to the Advisory Council:

  • Gretchen Bebb, TheraTech Pathways
  • David Berkowicz, PatientPing
  • Ryan Bramble, CRISP
  • Robert Cothren, CAHIE (California Association of HIEs)
  • Doc DeVore, MatrixCare
  • Morgan Knochel, OneRecord – Co-Chair
  • Shannah Koss , Koss on Care
  • David Mendelson, IHE
  • AJ Peterson, Netsmart
  • Terri Ripley, OrthoVirginia
  • Niko Skievaski, Redox
  • Alan Swenson, Kno2 – Co-Chair
  • Brian Yeaman, Coordinated Care Health Network
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The purpose of the Advisory Council is to inform the work of the Carequality Steering Committee and the final Carequality Interoperability Framework policies through its representation of broad constituent groups and a diverse array of perspectives.

The Council serves a valuable role in assuring the broadest set of interests are reflected in Carequality’s work. We strive to include representatives from across the entire healthcare industry and care continuum, and our new members fit that bill. They join an already diverse council, and we look forward to the varied perspectives they will bring to its work.

The Advisory Council Members do not have to be members of Carequality itself. We include all stakeholder voices regardless of membership to ensure a transparent and inclusive process for developing this national framework for health data exchange regardless of technology or geography.

Carequality shares updates, including on the Advisory Committee’s activities, monthly with the membership and the interested public.  Visit The Sequoia Project events calendar to find all our upcoming Carequality meetings.

Learn more about the Advisory Committee Responsibilities.

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