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Carequality Interoperability Framework

The Carequality Principles of Trust is the policy foundation for connecting health data sharing networks throughout the U.S. The Carequality Interoperability Framework is a collection of documents that are used to operationalize data sharing and includes:


Legal and Governance Documents

Carequality Connected Agreement

This document contains the standard legal terms agreed by all implementers of the Carequality Framework. It provides the foundation for trusted exchange among implementers, by establishing the “rules of the road” and defining an implementer’s rights and obligations. (Note – the document linked here is the CCA itself, without any exhibits or schedules. Prospective implementers should contact Carequality at admin@carequality.org to obtain a complete legal package for execution.)

**Updated Carequality Connected Agreement (09/05/2019)**

This updated version will go into effect, replacing the previous version, on November 4, 2019.

Carequality Connection (CC) Terms (PDF)
This document contains the standard terms that implementers are required to make legally binding on their members, customers, or participants who engage in exchange activities through the Carequality Framework and are listed in the Carequality Directory.

**Updated Carequality CC Terms (09/05/2019)**This updated version will go into effect, replacing the previous version, on November 4, 2019.

Dispute Resolution Process (PDF)
This document outlines the steps involved in addressing any formal disputes that may arise between implementers, or between implementers and Carequality.

Technical Trust Policy (PDF)
This document outlines requirements that constitute technically enforceable evidence that the organization has met the associated criteria for being a Carequality Participating System, to ensure technical trust among any system that hosts an end point listed in the Carequality Directory, or directly originates a request to such an end point. Individual use case Implementation Guides may specify different requirements from those outlined in this policy and in such a case the Implementation Guide will take precedence.

Implementation Guides

Implementation Guides provide both technical specifications and requirements, as well as additional business and policy requirements, for a particular Carequality Use Case.

Query-Based Document Exchange Implementation Guide (Updated 2018) (PDF)
The initial Carequality Use Case is Query-Based Document Exchange.








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