Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for Carequality’s strategic direction, and for the development and oversight of the Carequality interoperability framework.

The Steering Committee specifically has responsibility for:

  • Governing the work of Carequality to assure that the work group and Advisory Council activities are conducted in a manner consistent with Carequality’s vision and principles.
  • Manage the work of Carequality to maximize efficiency and effectiveness within an annual Carequality budget.
  • Establishing work groups and corresponding work group charters that define the work group composition, scope, deliverables and timeframes for completing its work.
  • Evaluating, prioritizing and adopting new use cases.
  • Seeking input and recommendations from the Carequality Advisory Council and other stakeholders, to assure broad stakeholder input.
  • Maintaining a definitive list of use cases and other deliverables, to assure clear versioning of such work, developed and maintained by Carequality.
  • Coordinating with standards development organizations, policy-related endeavors and other federal and industry initiatives to help align the standards and specifications employed by the Carequality with other like efforts.
  • Overseeing other centralized functions supported for Carequality.
  • Overseeing a process, as needed, to address questions or disputes regarding any Carequality deliverable.
  • Evaluating ongoing program effectiveness on a periodic basis and implement process improvements over time.

The following individuals are members of the Steering Committee:

Member NameOrganizationStakeholder Group Represented
A. John Blair, III, MDMedAlliesNetworks
Ben GurgaSSAFederal Agency
Glenn RaleyHumanaPayer
Hans BuitendijkOracle HealthVendor
Jay NakashimaeHealth ExchangeNetworks
Jeff CoughlinAMAPhysicians
Jennifer BlumenthalOneRecordConsumer-facing tech
Lucy Johns, MPHHealth Care Planning & PolicyConsumer
Lukasz NosolUnitedHealth GroupPayer
Matt BeckerKno2Networks
Olga Korunsky, RPhCVSHealth
Paul WilderCommonWell Health AllianceNetworks
Rob KlootwykEpicVendor
Roshan Mathew, MDAdvanced Cardiology of OwensboroHealthcare Provider Org
Ryan BrambleCRISPHIE organization
Ryan HowellsCARIN AllianceConsumer
Steven Lane, MDHealth GorillaVendor
Vicky Parikh, MDMedstar Shah Medical GroupHealthcare Provider Org