New Carequality Policy During COVID-19

March 30, 2020 |
Carequality Blog

*Update*: 2022 Revised Carequality Policy on Public Health Queries During COVID-19 Emergency Now Available

We are living in extraordinary times as we cope with the COVID-19 pandemic as a healthcare community and as Americans. The Carequality Steering Committee believes that access to patient medical records through the Carequality Framework will be beneficial to clinicians battling the COVID-19 outbreak. In recognition of the pressing and unique situation, Carequality released a new policy regarding participation requirements during the COVID-19 Emergency.

This Carequality Policy on Full Participation During COVID-19 Emergency outlines a temporary waiver with respect to some aspects of Carequality’s Full Participation requirements for the Query-Based Document Exchange Use Case. Specifically, organizations it outlines the conditions under which healthcare providers can access information via Carequality, even if they can’t provide information to others by responding to queries for records.

We hope that this policy waiver will aid clinicians across the country in their efforts to control this outbreak and to treat those affected by it. It is to be noted that the Carequality Steering Committee may rescind this policy when and if it believes the conditions regarding the COVID-19 outbreak no longer warrant any waivers with respect to Full Participation requirements.

Full details about the policy can be found here.

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