Query Workgroup

Note: This workgroup is now closed.

The purpose of the Query Workgroup was to develop an implementation guide that outlines business, technical, testing and policy requirements to enable query-based exchange of information between and among networks. Under the advice and guidance of the Steering Committee, and with input from the Advisory Council and assistance from the Trust Framework Work Group, the Query Workgroup came to agreement regarding how to bridge query-based exchange based upon differing technology platforms and architectures. The Query Workgroup focused on the broad needs for industry and remain grounded in existing capabilities implemented in production.  For more details, please review the Query Workgroup Charter.

The Query Work Group’s efforts focused on:

  • Enabling query-based document exchange;
  • Specifying the role of a Record Locator Service for query-based exchange;
  • Identifying common standards that networks can use to connect to one another, regardless of their internal architectures.

 The following individuals were members of the Query Workgroup:

Member NameOrganizationStakeholder Group Represented
Hans Buitendjik, Co-ChairCernerVendor
Seth Selkow, Co-ChairKaiser PermanenteProvider Organization
Tara DragertSurescriptsNetwork
Martin PrahlSocial Security AdministrationGovernment Agency
Adam RabinowitzManTechVendor
David SchrammMirth CorporationVendor
Tone SoutherlandReady ComputingVendor
Justin StaufferEpicVendor
Sean TurnerDignity HealthProvider Organization

Contributing Subject Matter Experts

  • Peter Bernhardt, CommonWell Health Alliance
  • John Donnelly, Interpro Solutions Inc.
  • Eric Heflin, Healtheway
  • Joe Lamy, AEGIS
  • Bob Robke, CommonWell Health Alliance
  • David Tao, ICSA Labs