Technical Workgroup

The Technical Workgroup is tasked with developing standard approaches for communicating a patient’s consent status in both queries and responses. This workgroup is comprised of industry leaders and subject matter experts.

Technical Workgroup members:

Name Organization
Daniel Fischer athenahealth
Larry Garber MD Reliant Medical Group
Mark Gromowski Netsmart
Nic Hess San Diego HealthConnect
Darren Mann Intermountain Healthcare
Harold Min NorthShore University Health System
Dale Moberg OrionHealth
Marty Prahl Social Security Administration
Alan Swenson Epic
Jeff Taylor Surescripts

The Technical Workgroup’s progress is documented in a notes document that tracks draft conclusions, open issues, resolved issues, and key discussion elements. This document is updated after each meeting. Keep track of the workgroup’s progress by reviewing the most recent version of the document. A draft version of the update to the technical section of the Implementation Guide can be found here.