Carequality has changed certificate authorities 

In 2021, Carequality will be migrating to a new Certificate Authority and Certificate issuance process that will better serve our Implementers. We have partnered with DirectTrust and its accredited Certificate Authorities to offer our community self-service identity assurance and certificate management capabilities. Each Carequality Implementer and their current Entrust Certificate, will transition to one of the participating Certificate Authorities at some point during 2021. These Certificates will be issued in accordance with DirectTrust Certificate Policies to profiles developed in collaboration with Carequality for use exclusively within our community.

 Self-service capabilities will include: 

  • Validating your organization and identity proofing the authorized sponsor
  • Creating and uploading a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) 
  • Downloading a Certificate
  • Renewal and Revocation of your Certificate

 What to Expect

All support will be provided by a single help desk function from DirectTrust

 They will facilitate all issues related to obtaining, downloading, and/or installing the Certificates. While the process for securing these certificates will vary slightly from what you’ve grown accustomed to, our goal is to offer excellent service to the community, while maintaining the highest level of security. We believe you will find the process to be more automated and streamlined for your convenience.


Starting April 1 2021 as certificates expire, Implementers will migrate to the new certificate issuance process. Carequality staff, in collaboration with DirectTrust, will reach out to individual customers to help them through the transition process. The full implementation of this transition will be complete by December of 2021. If you have any questions about Certificates, please ask your assigned Program Manager, or email Carequality at

 Useful links

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