Carequality Wiki

This page provides general information for participants at any level of Carequality.

Follow the links below to learn more about Carequality:
1. Press Release announcing Carequality Initiative in Feb, 2014 at HIMSS.
2. Read an overview about Carequality
3. Learn about our members and read their testimonials.
4. Read the latest announcements and media coverage on our blog.

Current activities focus on establishing the operational Carequality Framework, and supporting its rollout. A number of elements have been adopted for production use and are available on the Carequality Framework page.

Our Steering Committee is holding an in-person meeting in early December 2016 to outline plans for 2017, including future use cases, projects, and work products, as well as proceeding with the continuing rollout of the Framework. Stay tuned for ways to get involved as we move forward with our 2017 plans!