Introducing the Carequality Blog

March 5, 2015 |
Carequality Blog

Welcome to the Carequality blog!  I hope you find our new Carequality web site to be informative and easy to navigate.  I’ll be using this blog to provide updates on our progress as we move forward into what I think will be a very busy spring, highlighted by the kickoff for our initial Carequality pilot.

Before I get too far into Carequality’s activities, though, let me first introduce myself.  I’m the Director of Carequality, a role that I took on in late January.  I wasn’t new to Carequality at that point, since I’d previously served on the Steering Committee and was involved in the early stages of the initiative.  I’ve always been a firm believer in Carequality’s mission and potential, and it’s deeply satisfying at a personal level to be able to dedicate my full time energies to it.

I’ve spent many years working on the challenges involved in interfacing, patient matching, and health information exchange.  I share the combined frustration and optimism that I think are common to many of us who work in this space.  There’s frustration that we aren’t closer to universal connectivity, but also optimism that we’re making real progress.

It’s my sincere hope that Carequality will contribute to that progress, and I believe we’re well-positioned to do so.  We have a number of activities underway that are coming to fruition, and the pace is only going to pick up as the weather warms.

The Principles of Trust that the community came together to develop are now being operationalized in legal form.  The technical specs and business requirements for query-based document exchange between different networks are being laid out in an Implementation Guide.  Very soon, we’ll be ready to pilot the Carequality framework.

I encourage you to consider participating in the pilot.  There are roles for different types of organizations, and as with any of Carequality’s activities, it will be critical to have broad stakeholder representation.  Even if you’re not sure where your organization might fit, don’t hesitate to reach out, and we can explore your options together.  Contact if you are interested, or just want to discuss what participation might look like for your organization.

It’s an exciting time for Carequality, and I’m pleased to have this forum for sharing updates with you.  Stay tuned for future posts.

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