How We Can #DitchTheDisk & Share Images Electronically

July 2, 2019 |
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At the Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) conference this week, Carequality and RSNA Image Share announced a joint effort to develop an Imaging Data Exchange Implementation Guide. The proposed implementation guide would be an extension of the Query-Based Document Exchange Implementation Guide to address the capability to exchange DICOM imaging exams.Historically, imaging data has not been treated in the same fashion as data that can be represented in a textual format, such as physician notes, discrete lab values, and problem lists, largely due to the significantly greater storage, display and bandwidth requirement of binary imaging data.  Nonetheless, the same need for exchanging this information exists.

Recently there has been a convergence of technical solutions so that imaging data may be exchanged over the Internet in much the same fashion as other healthcare data contained in clinical documents.  A few technical differences remain which can be addressed by the addition of a few transactions specific to imaging data that are well-aligned with existing standards.

RSNA choose to partner with Carequality because of the broader health IT community’s success in implementing the Carequality Interoperability Framework. More than 36 million clinical documents are now exchanged monthly by more than 600,000 physicians across the country. The Carequality community welcomes the opportunity to continue to expand the Framework to support more diverse use cases, such as imaging.

The new RSNA-led proposal identifies the relevant standards and transactions that enable the exchange of imaging data in a manner that is otherwise aligned with the methodology described by in the current Carequality Query-Based Document Exchange Implementation Guide. The proposed Imaging Data Exchange IG is now available on the Carequality Wiki for review and community feedback, along with the SIIM presentation slides.  Comments and questions should be submitted by September 9, 2019 to

We encourage the imaging community and other stakeholders to provide input to refine the proposed IG. When finalized, the Carequality community will adopt the Imaging Data Exchange IG as an official part of the broader Carequality Interoperability Framework. This will pave the way for more imaging networks to onboard to Carequality to support image sharing for physicians and patients everywhere.

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