Get Involved

 Carequality’s mission to connect health data sharing networks and communities under a common trust framework is advanced by our many volunteers. Our success hinges on broad participation from a wide variety of industry stakeholders.

Carequality has many committees and workgroups that you can join. In the spirit of transparency and community, non-members are invited to join many of our workgroups as well. We encourage anyone who would like to participate to contact us at to let us know of your interest.  We can inform you about current opportunities on formal or ad hoc working groups.

Everyone is welcome to join our monthly information calls, and to join the Carequality Wiki to keep abreast of ongoing projects.

Our members form the backbone of our support, and play leading roles at all levels of the organizational structure outlined below.

Volunteer for a Carequality Committee or Workgroup

Carequality has a three-tiered governance model.  Follow the links below to learn more about each level.

Leadership Committees:

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for Carequality’s strategic direction, and for the development and oversight of the Carequality Interoperability Framework.
Application process each summer.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is responsible for representing a broad spectrum of healthcare stakeholders to inform the Steering Committee’s decisions about the Carequality Interoperability Framework.
Application process each fall.

Current Workgroups:

FHIR Use Case Technical & Policy Workgroups

Carequality is adding FHIR-Based Exchange to our existing Query Based Document Exchange Use Case model that will extend Carequality’s governance Framework to the FHIR exchange ecosystem. A Technical Workgroup will concentrate more on the specifications needed while the Policy Workgroup will focus on the “rules of the road.” To learn more about the progress of these efforts, click on either workgroup link.

FHIR Workgroups Charter  and FHIR Use Case Proposal 

Technical Workgroup Updates and Policy Workgroup Updates

2018 Query-Based Document Exchange Implementation Guide Updates Workgroup

The new 2018 IG Updates WG will propose updates to the Query-Based Document Exchange Implementation Guide based on the recommendations of the prior workgroups.  Learn More.

2019 Push Notifications Workgroups

Two groups of subject matter experts will be convened, one for policy, and one for technical considerations. The work of these groups will result in an implementation guide similar to the one that currently exists for Query-Based Document Exchange.  Learn More.