Carequality’s Push Notification Use Case is Now Live for Production Exchange

August 1, 2022 |
Carequality Blog

Carequality, the national-level, common interoperability framework to enable health information exchange between and among health information networks, is proud to announce that our Push Notifications Use Case has been approved for production exchange. Current and future Implementers may now adopt the new Use Case as a standalone Use Case, or in conjunction with any of Carequality’s other Use Cases.

Currently, Carequality’s framework of over 45,000 directory entries and over 300 million documents exchanged per month is one of the nation’s largest. Primarily, these transactions are query-based, which means a user must proactively request data for a patient.

For example, if John Smith arrives at an ED, the treating physician there can pull his records to better inform their clinical decisions. The query “pull” approach is a vital tool to ensure that the proper care is delivered as soon as possible, as well as in more routine situations planned encounters. However, Push Notifications takes the John Smith example one step further.

What about that John’s primary care doctor? What about his psychiatrist? Alerting other interested parties that John has arrived or is being discharged from an ED could be a key to providing high quality coordinated care. Carequality’s Push Notifications Use Case allows a patient’s care providers to subscribe to that specific patient at an infinite number of locations where the patient has an existing record. So now, when John is admitted, his PCP is alerted, and his PCP can coordinate with physicians at the hospital and plan for his recovery when he returns home.

Leveraging Carequality’s nationwide connections, Push Notifications can leverage knowledge gained from other Use Cases to subscribe to specific patients at locations connected to the Use Case.

How can your organization learn more and get involved?

For Carequality Implementers: Please contact your Program Manager. Your Program Manager will be able to tell you the specific steps you will need to take to add the Use Case under your current connection to Carequality.

For Carequality Connections: If you are connected to Carequality through an Implementer, we encourage you to contact Subj: “Push Notifications Use Case” for more information and to encourage your Implementer to take on the Use Case.

For new organizations: Thank you for your interest in Carequality! Please contact Subj: “Push Notifications Use Case” for more information.

For more information on all things Carequality: Visit our Resources page! There you will find more information on Push Notifications and other Use Cases.

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