Carequality Trusted Exchange Framework Facilitates Exchange Of Nearly 60 Million Clinical Documents in First Two Years

October 24, 2018 |
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Members and Non-Members Encouraged to Engage with Nation’s Leading Interoperability Framework

VIENNA, Va., Oct. 24, 2018 —  Carequality, a national-level, trusted exchange framework to enable health information exchange between and among health data sharing networks, announced the exchange of more than 14 million clinical documents during the month of August 2018. This brings the number of documents exchanged to over 59 million since Carequality started measuring in December 2016. Month-over-month growth for Carequality is accelerating as more physicians utilize the expanding connectivity.

More than 50% of all health care providers in the country are now empowered to share health data under the Carequality Interoperability Framework. However, Carequality was designed to be largely invisible to physicians and other individual users. To date, more than 1,400 hospitals, 40,000 clinics, and 600,000 healthcare providers are connected through the Carequality implementer community.

“Hitting over 50 million documents exchanged is truly a milestone for Carequality,” said Dave Cassel, vice president of Carequality. “We’ve seen growth each month that Carequality has been in operation, but the rate of growth has been dramatic over the past few months.  More than half of the documents exchanged in about two years of operations, have been in the past three months.  It’s very exciting to see that providers are finding value in Carequality and are increasingly using the connections.”

Carequality’s framework is developed and maintained by an inclusive, industry-driven community. Members and non-members may participate, providing critical feedback from stakeholders across the healthcare continuum. Carequality is now accepting applications for the:

  • Implementation Guide Update Workgroup, which will propose updates to the Query-Based Document Exchange Implementation Guide based on the recommendations of prior working groups; and
  • FHIR Use Case Technical Workgroups, which will extend Carequality’s governance Framework to the FHIR exchange ecosystem and propose technical specification for inclusion in Carequality FHIR-Based Exchange Use Case.

If you are interested in volunteering for a workgroup, send an email to with the name of the workgroup(s) you would like to join in the subject line.

In addition to nominations for the Council and Workgroups, Carequality is encouraging providers and other users of health information exchange to share their experiences on a new webpage:

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About Carequality

Carequality is a national-level, consensus-built, interoperability framework to enable exchange between and among health information networks. Carequality brings together diverse groups, including electronic health record vendors, record locator service providers and other types of existing networks, to determine technical and policy agreements to enable data to flow between and among networks, platforms and geographies.

The Carequality Framework provides the essential elements for trusted national exchange, such as common rules of the road, well-defined technical specifications and a participant directory.


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