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Question 1: Will the Sequoia Project directory change as FHIR evolves?

Answer: The Sequoia Project is seeking to maintain the directory, largely as is, until FHIR reaches final ballot status as a full standard. We do not, at this time, anticipate changing the Sequoia directory to maintain lock-step with the FHIR standard as it evolves, until the standard is complete. This approach is intended to provide a high degree of stability for client software packages, and to avoid the associated effort involved with an ever-changing environment.

Question 2: Does my organization need an API key to access the Healthcare Directory?

Answer: Yes. The API key helps The Sequoia Project efficiently, and securely, manage the directory for the benefit of all clients.

Question 3: Will my organization be able to publish to the Sequoia Project Healthcare Directory using the API?

Answer: If your organization is interested in this capability, please provide feedback to The Sequoia Project expressing interest, and the anticipated value to your organization, for this capability.

Question 4: Can client software retrieve individual organizations?

Answer: Not at this time. But please let The Sequoia Project know if this capability is important to you and what use cases drive this requirement.

Question 5: Can client software use FHIR query parameters?

Answer: Yes. Please 3.1.2. Read (Query and Retrieve) for more information.

Question 6: What is the directory technology stack?

Answer: The Sequoia Project Healthcare Directory is based on original Sequoia Project source code, written in Ruby, using the Sinatra framework, a purpose-built in-memory database and Puma as the reverse proxy.

Question 7: Does the Sequoia Project directory support federation?

Answer: In theory it should support federation. But a use case has not been advanced at this time requiring such, thus this is untested functionality.

Question 8: Does the directory contain patients or physicians?

Answer: No. At this time the directory only contains organizations, contacts at those organizations, and relationships between organizations. The current directory maintains two levels of depth. For the eHealth Exchange, the directory contains Participants, and optionally sub-participants. For Carequality, the directory contains Implementers and Connections. In the future, the directory may contain more information, as driven by approved use cases. See Synthetic Test Patients - DRAFT for more information.

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