View Session Highlights from the 2019 Annual Meeting

RCE Stakeholder Feedback Session: Common Agreement (Minimum Required Terms and Conditions – MRTCs)

The RCE will provide background regarding key aspects of the draft MRTCs published in April 2019, which represent foundational terms for the Common Agreement. The RCE will summarize public comments and present key issues for stakeholder consideration. The objective is to enlist feedback from stakeholders through interactive dialogue and capture this input to inform further development of the Common Agreement.

RCE Stakeholder Feedback Session: QHIN Technical Framework

The success of the new TEFCA will depend on the exchange of patient data between and among Qualified Health Information Networks (QHIN). In development now, the QHIN Technical Framework (QTF) describes the technical and functional requirements for data exchange between QHINs. This session will provide background regarding the QTF, give an overview of current progress and seek active input regarding key functions, such as QHIN Query and QHIN Message Delivery, from the community to help shape the final draft.

Speakers: Dave Cassel, Carequality; David Pike

The Answer to Better Queries

Carequality’s Interoperability Framework is a living, dynamic document that is continually evolving to meet the needs of our community. As we prepare the final draft of our latest updated version, Carequality community leaders will spotlight the meaningful changes under consideration and solicit input on the impending policy decisions.

Speakers: Jennifer Blumenthal, OneRecord, Steven Lane, MD, MPH, FAAFP, Sutter Health, Matt Becker, Epic

Sparking FHIR in the Real World

Co-chairs of the FHIR Policy & Technical Workgroups will discuss the progress, reasoning, and key insights in the development of the Carequality FHIR-Based Exchange Use Case Implementation Guide.

Speakers: Hans Buitendijk, Cerner, Doc DeVore, MatrixCare, Genevieve Morris, Integral Health Strategies, Micky Tripathi, Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative

Pushing for More Data

Co-chairs of the Push Notifications Policy & Technical Workgroups will provide an overview of the barriers to nationwide push notifications and progress to overcome them to date. In addition to providing current thinking driving a draft Carequality Push Notifications Use Case Implementation Guide, the co-chairs will solicit feedback from the community to further shape their work.

Speakers: Bart Carlson, Azuba, Alan Swenson, Kno2, John Henry Downing, Zen Healthcare IT, Holly Miller, MD, MBA, FHIMSS, MedAllies, Inc.

Bringing Image Exchange to Carequality

In June 2019, draft imaging data exchange specifications were published for public comment with the support of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). Learn about how image exchange fits into the Carequality Framework, and how we’re recruiting early adopters ahead of planned production availability in 2020.

Speaker: Didi Davis, The Sequoia Project

2019 A Year of Change

Executive Director Dave Cassel and Board of Directors Chair Dr. Steven Lane will present the tremendous changes to Carequality over the last year and what we can expect going forward.

Speakers: Dave Cassel, Carequality Board of Directors Chair, Dr. Steven Lane, MD, MPH, FAAFP, Sutter Health

RCE Updates

CEO of The Sequoia Project, Mariann Yeager, provides updates and news on current plans as RCE.

Understanding TEFCA and the Role of the Recognized Coordinating Entity (RCE)

An ONC official will provide an overview of the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement, as well as expectations for the Recognized Coordinating Entity, sharing insights about how ONC and the RCE are working together.

Keynote Lutheran Senior Services

Improving the Patient Experience with Health Information Exchange

Speaker: Michael George, RN, BSN, Lutheran Senior Services

Closing Remarks

Speaker: Dave Cassel, Carequality