Carequality Healthcare Directory Implementation Guide
0.0.1 - CI Build

Carequality Healthcare Directory Implementation Guide - Local Development build (v0.0.1). See the Directory of published versions

Example Endpoint: Patient Discovery

Generated Narrative

Resource "CQ-orgEndpoint" Version "7" Updated "2021-10-22T19:37:10.471Z"

Information Source: #xK7DUfgZOlUyzQa8!

Profile: Carequality Endpoint

EndpointServiceKey: uddi:AegisDILNwHIN2010RIGW08:PatientDiscovery

EndpointKeyVersion: 2.0

EndpointBindingKey: uddi:ca2a4d10-2071-11e3-a63b-ce784e70a58d

identifier: Home Community ID: urn:oid: (OFFICIAL)

status: active

connectionType: IHE XCPD (Details: code ihe-xcpd = 'IHE XCPD', stated as 'null')

name: Patient Discovery

managingOrganization: Organization/Carequality-Implementer-example "EricXYZ Hospital ED"

payloadType: NoInformation (NullFlavor#NI)

payloadMimeType: application/xml